Xyngular Weight Loss & Nutrition Products

Xyngular products containing powerful ingredients for energy, vitality, weight loss and overall body health*

XYNGULAR Super Fruit Global Blend

A global blend of super fruit is a breaking drink blend that combines the most effective extracts from various kinds of fruit. Each contained ingredient is carefully chosen with the primary antioxidant presumption and with herbal adaptogens. These ingredients allow even the most cynical consumer to feel the positive change on their health*. It brings a unique blend of fruit and adaptogens that can harmonize* and normalize the body*. They can ensure that the body absorbs and make use of nutritional substances found in the drink. Adaptogens have been used by the natural medicine practitioners for thousands of years. They counteract the destructive effects of stress*, pollution*, aging and today’s active life*.

Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend: Natural Nutritional Supplement

XYPSTIX - Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals

Xypstix are a portable, single-serve packet of our new Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals! Xypstix has taken all the incredible benefits of Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend and added two more incredible elements: Aloe Vera and Xanthones. When Xypstix are used along with Super Fruit Global Blend, you can turn your body into a healthy*, antioxidant-infused*, immune-system-boosting machine*!

Xypstix Crystals: Instant Nutritional Drink

XYNG - Fuel 4 Life: Natural Weight Loss & Energy Supplement

XYNG is a blend of natural herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to its unique compound, it can help you increase your energy*, improve your concentration* and induce a positive spiritual energy*. It is suitable for sportsmen to enhance the training performance, or it can be used as a means of losing weight*. It can evokes a great feeling*, which makes you feel full of energy during the whole day. If you feel exhausted during the day and you lose energy, XYNG can multiply it considerably* in comparison with the energy drinks or coffee. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful substances and it favourably affects the weight loss*. Now you know why we call XYNG "FUEL 4 LIFE"

Xyng - Fuel For Life: Natural Weight Loss & Energy

CORE4 - Natural Weight Loss and Fat Burning

CORE4 is designed to tackle the core area of the body, which is one of the most important areas to stimulate weight loss*, restore energy and promote optimal health*. Like nuclear fusion occurs in the sun's core, CORE4 creates a synergetic Nutrient Fusion within our bodies, which can help us to lose weight* and supporting a life that's simply more healthy and vibrant*.

CORE4 - Accelerate

Fat Burning & Metabolism Booster

CORE4 - Flush

Detoxification and Fat Burning Sensation

CORE4 - Accelerate: Fat Burning & Metabolism Booster

It can help improve metabolism* with appetite reduction*, accelerate fat burning* and boost energy naturally*

Formulated To:

  • Boost metabolism *
  • Burn fats and decrease the weight *
  • Suppress the appetite *
  • Promote energy and stamina *

CORE4 - Flush: Detoxification and Fat Burning Sensation

Organic and effective digestive cleanse and total body health product*. It can help flush toxins, decrease bloating and feel great*

Formulated To:

  • Boost fat burning *
  • Support weight loss *
  • Improve digestion *
  • Remove pollutants and toxins *
  • Improve absorption of supplements *
  • Restore energy *

CORE4 - Cheat

A Healthy Calories Reduction

CORE4 - Cheat +

Calorie & Blood Sugar Control

CORE4 - Cheat: A Healthy Calories Reduction

Food sprinkle that can help reduce the calories and fat that your body absorbs*. Enjoy your favorite meal with less calories*

Formulated To:

  • Reduce calorie absorption *
  • Control hunger *
  • Regulate blood sugar & cholesterol *
  • Is tasteless, so it won’t change the taste of your food *

CORE4 - Cheat Plus: Calorie & Blood Sugar Control

It was formulated for adults of all ages that want to have their weight loss, cholesterol, and blood sugar under their control*

Formulated To:

  • Reduce calorie absorption *
  • Control hunger *
  • Regulate blood sugar & cholesterol *
  • Neutralize free radicals *

CORE4 - Lean

Nutritional Drink For Losing Weight

CORE4 - Lean: Nutritional Drink For Losing Weight

Powerful amino acid protein powder smoothie to give you a lean body*, satisfy your appetite* and support the fats metabolism*

Formulated To:

  • Satisfy appetite *
  • Reduce food cravings *
  • Support fat metabolism *
  • Increase sustained energy *
  • Meal Replacement *

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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