Wilson Marrero, Obstacles Are Stepping Stones

For Wilson Marrero, Obstacles Are Stepping StonesIt only takes one good friend to point you in the right direction. Wilson Marrero of Puerto Rico knows the power of that statement.

Marrero was at the mall when he ran into his friend Omar, someone he hadn’t seen in well over a decade. He was glad to see him, but had plenty weighing on his mind all the same. From money problems to family struggles to even being overweight,  his situation  was less than ideal.

When Omar told him about the Xyngular opportunity and how it might help his problems, he was uncertain. He didn’t know if he could do it, given his present state of affairs. In fact, he’d never even tried his hand at network marketing before.

“Still, I took a chance,” Marrero says of that 2010 meeting.  Good thing, too. Less  than two months with Xyngular and Xyng  and he was able to lose 45 pounds.

“I discovered an energy I hadn’t had in years! It allowed me the focus I needed to build my business in  the best way possible. I began studying the industry and Xyngular, sharing it with others as fast as I could.”

When he  started  out,  Marrero was balancing two  jobs. He didn’t have a car to call his own and didn’t have a computer,  either.  He’d never been  a part of network marketing and, at first, didn’t even fully understand all that was needed. But, with  an overwhelming desire to succeed, he set down that road anyway. Five months later, he was earning an average of $6,000 a month. As  his worth  grew,  new challenges presented themselves, too, one after one. “Despite that, I did not stop,”  Marrero recalls. “Obstacles in life or business have to  happen if we are to  grow.

Because I had them, I had to be even more positive than I already was. I had to work harder and educate  myself even more. And, as a result, I grew.”

It took  three years of both successes and failures to lead him to where he is  today;  at the Executive level, he is earning an average of $10,000 monthly. It is safe to say the money woes he once had are far behind him.

“When  I  think of how Xyngular  has helped me, I’m more and more amazed,” he says. “Before Xyngular, I worked two jobs and had no car. Today, I generate more revenue than both jobs combined and it allowed me to buy a car, too!”

How did Marrero get to where he is today? By focusing on the basics that helped him in  the very beginning, he says. That  includes helping others on his team  find the  reason why they signed on with Xyngular. He also does one-on-ones,  three-way  calls, home meetings, training calls and conducts workshops.

Marrero considers every one of these essential   along   his   path   toward growth. He leans hard on the 72-Hour and 30-Day Guides, too, along with all the tools  the company has provided. Collectively, they help him combat the hard times. They give him the answers he seeks.

"Obstacles  arise  every  day. And, the harder  you work, the  more  they will surface. That’s just par for the course,” Marrero says. “But they’re a necessary tool for success. They help me become more disciplined. They actually help me work harder.”

Xyngular  is  a lifestyle. It stands  for good physical health and financial stability.  It is my retirement  plan. I prepare my work schedule every day with my primary focus on following up. This allows me to dedicate time to Xyngular  without  taking time  away from my family.”

For Marrero, the future  is  unwritten. With a team that has steadily grown and continues to do so, he knows that good - even great - things are in store.

“Every day I tell  myself to have faith and go for it,” he says. “Think about it. You already have a no. You just need to look for the yes and you will overcome the rest. When you  have  your  priorities  in order - God first, then family, then the desire to pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles arise - you cannot fail. You won’t fail.”

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