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Julie Wetteland - Finding Your Me

Julie Wetteland - Finding Your Me With XyngulaeJulie Wetteland has not been a Xyngular Member long, but the changes in her life have already been significant. She has regained her health, her confidence, and what she calls her “ME.” Read Julie’s story in her own words.

Back in 2013 I literally hated ME. I hated my lack of energy, attitude, looks, aches and pains, road race in my head at night, and, was totally depressed about my husband Ray having been diagnosed with Pre-Senile Dementia.

This is when I decided if I didn't do something about me, I wasn't going to be able to be around to care for him.

So, I started doing some research, knowing God was watching my struggles. I found him pointing me toward Facebook, and that’s when I found Xyngular. I decided to only take on me and just try the products at first, and not the business side of this awesome company.  Am I sorry about that now? YES!

What I can honestly say, is, ME is back, the old ME. I have lost of 60 pounds, and now feel better than I have in a long time.

It took a lot for me, to not look at this journey as just another diet, but these products and programs are not a diet, they are a lifestyle modification. 

Getting re-educated has been huge.  Change is never easy, as it’s right up there with “death & taxes.” However, having turned 67 years old last December I was even more motivated to fix ME. 

All the love I've received since having joined Xyngular has truly changed my life.  I love the products, I love being back to the old ME, I love being able to share my story, I love being able to care for Ray, as best I can, for as long as I can and I love being able to help others experience what I’ve been so lucky to experience.

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't share my story from the get go.  I truly believe, sharing my story, my why’s, and my journey could have been more helpful to building my business instead of waiting until after the first 20 pounds were off.  I was very skeptical, in the beginning, especially because nothing worked for me until I was introduced Xyngular.

That’s my story and I’m very proud of me today.  

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