For Amber Viars, Xyngular is Undoubtedly ‘ Worth It’

Amber Viars, Xyngular is Undoubtedly Worth ItWhen Xyngular came her way in 2012, Amber Viars almost let it pass her by. She was not looking for a business. It is fairly safe to say it was the furthest thing from her mind.

In fact, Amber was already working full time as the city clerk in her West Virginia hometown. She also owned and ran her own photography studio. And, to top that off, she was a happily married mother of two. Her hands were full. Free time was a precious commodity.

“However,” she is quick to admit, “I felt horrible.”

Three years of using a pharmaceutical diet drug had allowed her to lose a considerable amount of weight. But, when it stopped working the way it was supposed to, there was a shift in Amber’s temperament; she was admittedly mean, sick and tired.

Around that time, she saw a post about Xyngular online. A friend of hers (Amanda Wallen) was talking about a product that gave her energy. Amber was immediately intrigued. Her curiosity got the best of her; she gave the company and its products a try. After just eight days of making Xyngular a regular part of her life, she stopped using her prescription medications.

“It was like stepping out of the dark and into the light,”she says of her initial experience with Xyng.“ It amazed me! It was the answer I had been looking for. To say it saved my life is an understatement.”

She continues: “It is so important to always share with others because there is always someone, somewhere, looking to feel better. If I had not seen Amanda’s post, I would have never found Xyngular. The thought of that almost makes me cry.”

So she began to share. A lot. She told her story on social media and beyond. Amber spoke about how sick she would been and how Xyngular had helped her. Her husband did not exactly buy it. When she made her house payment from what she earned, however, his tune changed it suddenly became very real for her family.

After taking part in her first Xyngular corporate meeting and being inspired by Cynthia Evans, Amber knew what she wanted. She knew she could be instrumental in helping others to change their lives, too. Using every spare second she had, she earned $17,000 in three months, enough to close her studio and get her life back.

“I am a very busy person. When someone tells me they are too busy to do this, I instantly respond by telling them it’s worth it,” Amber says. “I was too busy, too, but I would do it again. I would do it 100 times.”

It is worth it because my health is better. It is worth it because I give people a chance to stop being sick, lose weight and have energy. It is worth it because I have am connected to a group of people I dearly love. It is worth it because I traveled more last year with this company than I ever had in my life; I made memories with my husband and friends that would have never been possible. It is worth it because my children have their mom back. It is worth it because I don't have to worry if my bills will be paid. It is worth it because I have a gift to give others a chance at a better life.”

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