Brandee Clark - The Power of Saying Yes

Brandee Clark and The Power of Saying YesFor Brandee Clark, her life took its turning point when she said yes.

“I believe everything happens for a reason,” she says of her decision to join Xyngular. “And there was certainly a reason my neighbor Cala crossed the street to tell me about Xyngular four years ago.”

At the time, she didn’t know what that reason was. But she chose to sign on with the company regardless and, a few years later, she’s been able to send her son to college.

“I have been so blessed,” she says. Her son is having no ordinary college experience either. After a semester at Kansas University, he made the decision to study abroad in New Zealand. It wasn’t something Brandee automatically accepted. Her immediate reaction was to not allow it.

Ultimately, she changed her mind: she said yes again. In short order, he applied and was accepted into the University of Dunedin where he is currently.  “Because I said yes four years ago, Xyngular is paying for 100% of my son’s college experience,” she says. “He won’t owe a dime of student loans when he graduates.”

Her next “yes” allowed her to tackle a lifelong fear of getting in an airplane and flying across the sea; when her son asked her to come and pay him a visit in New Zealand, she couldn’t say no. And it led to a trip her family will never forget.

Drawing on her Xyngular earnings, Brandee was able to travel to New Zealand to see her son. She brought her husband Jeff and helped him fulfill a lifelong dream to hunt a Red Stag (or Red Deer), a large step up from the regular deer and turkey he was used to hunting in Kansas.

To add to that, they all traveled to Australia together, where they visited the Gold Coast, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Brandee was even able to hold a koala bear and marveled at the kangaroos in the wild, two things she’d always wanted to do.

“Without Xyngular in my life, this trip of a lifetime would not have been possible. What a great feeling it is to have helped fulfill my husband’s dream and see my son all in one trip!”

“To top it all off, while we were on the other side of the world and having the time of our lives, I came home to thousands of dollars in commissions checks sitting in my mailbox! We are blessed, blessed beyond belief.”

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