Julie Wetteland - Finding Your Me With XyngulaeJulie Wetteland has not been a Xyngular Member long, but the changes in her life have already been significant. She has regained her health, her confidence, and what she calls her “ME.” Read Julie’s story in her own words.

Back in 2013 I literally hated ME. I hated my lack of energy, attitude, looks, aches and pains, road race in my head at night, and, was totally depressed about my husband Ray having been diagnosed with Pre-Senile Dementia.

This is when I decided if I didn't do something about me, I wasn't going to be able to be around to care for him.

So, I started doing some research, knowing God was watching my struggles. I found him pointing me toward Facebook, and that’s when I found Xyngular. I decided to only take on me and just try the products at first, and not the business side of this awesome company.  Am I sorry about that now? YES!

Debbie Kuberski: Xtreme Builder, Happier and HealthierDebbie Kuberski hit the Xtreme Builder and earned an additional $1,000! We asked her a few questions about how she's been able to build her business this far:

"To achieve what I have so far with Xyngular, including the Xtreme Builder Bonus, I have had a few gatherings at my house for me and my distributors and invited anyone and everyone that was interested in learning more about the products I was currently taking. At our first gathering, we had 23 people show up to learn more! My team is not that big yet, but they are go-getters! I watch my teams points and push them to reach the next level. I also have reached out to my mentors Janet Zannis and Mindy Hopp for support and advice. I love knowing that I have a great team in front of me but more important behind me too!

Brandee Clark and The Power of Saying YesFor Brandee Clark, her life took its turning point when she said yes.

“I believe everything happens for a reason,” she says of her decision to join Xyngular. “And there was certainly a reason my neighbor Cala crossed the street to tell me about Xyngular four years ago.”

At the time, she didn’t know what that reason was. But she chose to sign on with the company regardless and, a few years later, she’s been able to send her son to college.

“I have been so blessed,” she says. Her son is having no ordinary college experience either. After a semester at Kansas University, he made the decision to study abroad in New Zealand. It wasn’t something Brandee automatically accepted. Her immediate reaction was to not allow it.

For Wilson Marrero, Obstacles Are Stepping StonesIt only takes one good friend to point you in the right direction. Wilson Marrero of Puerto Rico knows the power of that statement.

Marrero was at the mall when he ran into his friend Omar, someone he hadn’t seen in well over a decade. He was glad to see him, but had plenty weighing on his mind all the same. From money problems to family struggles to even being overweight,  his situation  was less than ideal.

When Omar told him about the Xyngular opportunity and how it might help his problems, he was uncertain. He didn’t know if he could do it, given his present state of affairs. In fact, he’d never even tried his hand at network marketing before.

“Still, I took a chance,” Marrero says of that 2010 meeting.  Good thing, too. Less  than two months with Xyngular and Xyng  and he was able to lose 45 pounds.

Amber Viars, Xyngular is Undoubtedly Worth ItWhen Xyngular came her way in 2012, Amber Viars almost let it pass her by. She was not looking for a business. It is fairly safe to say it was the furthest thing from her mind.

In fact, Amber was already working full time as the city clerk in her West Virginia hometown. She also owned and ran her own photography studio. And, to top that off, she was a happily married mother of two. Her hands were full. Free time was a precious commodity.

“However,” she is quick to admit, “I felt horrible.”

Three years of using a pharmaceutical diet drug had allowed her to lose a considerable amount of weight. But, when it stopped working the way it was supposed to, there was a shift in Amber’s temperament; she was admittedly mean, sick and tired.