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A lot of people from all around the world has good experience with Xyngular products, and of course, so have people in Europe. Gradually we will be adding new stories and experience with these amazing products submitted mainly by you! If you wish to share your experience and contribute with positive energy and encourage others, who would find your opinion helpful, please contact us!


Xyngular Testimonial: Elaine Baumgartner - I stopped those other weight loss programs Whenever I stopped those other weight loss programs, I gained all the weight back

Finally, after 46 years of trying to lose weight, I'm now doing it in the correct way… with natural products!

I've always been obese. I'm now 57 years old, and I started dieting when I was 12.

In college, I got so upset with my weight that I went to see a doctor who was having great success with his patients losing weight. He prescribed all kinds of dangerous drugs, including one for my thyroid, which he never even checked. He started me on a low carb diet. I lost 120 pounds, but I started blacking out and started losing my hair. I stopped that treatment and gained the weight back.

I went to another doctor who put me on a shakes-only diet. This time I lost 70 pounds, but became pregnant with my second child and gained all the weight back. I tried all sorts of diets over the years, but the weight always came back. At age 49, I tried again and started on more pills and injections with a new diet. I lost 80 pounds, but one night, with my son at my side, I suffered a stroke.

My neurologist told me that I just had to accept being overweight, so I gained my weight again. Finally, my best friend introduced me to Xyngular®. I couldn't imagine doing another program, but I have lost 62 pounds in 7 months and have kept it off! My goal is to lose at least 100 more pounds! This is the most amazing company with amazing products, thank you Xyngular!

Elaine Baumgartner

Xyngular Testimonial: Mary Johansen - Roger lost 33 pounds and has more energy and stamina Roger lost 33 pounds and has more energy and stamina

My brother said that if he didn't know Roger Johnsen, he would think these photos were adjusted in Photoshop. They aren't. They are both Roger. The first picture was taken last year, and he actually gained more weight after that ... past 200 pounds.

Roger began using the Xyngular® products the second week of January. By February 21, he had lost 28 pounds.

He has now lost a total of 33 pounds and tells us he has more energy, more stamina, and like me ... feels so good. He wants to share Xyngular with other people so they can feel better too!

Mary Johnsen

Xyngular Testimonial: Kristina Barrett - Xyngular is really a health and wellness program Xyngular is really a health and wellness program

Showing pictures like these is definitely something I normally would NOT do, but I strongly believed in the Xyngular program, and I just had to show my friends the proof! I really didn't feel that I was overweight, but I knew I had several trouble spots that needed some attention.

In just 8 days I lost 5 pounds and 12.5 inches total… with 3.5 inches off my waist, which has always been my biggest trouble spot!

I can feel and you can see an overall change as the pounds and inches are just melting away. For me this was not a diet. There were several days when I had a hard time eating all the food I was supposed to eat.

Xyngular is really a health and wellness program, and I am DEFINITELY on my way to a healthier, happier me!

Kristina Barrett Klamberg

Xyngular Testimonial: Cassie Heffron - Xyngular® has helped me pay off my student loan and credit card debt Xyngular® has helped me pay off my student loan and credit card debt

I started Xyngular® when I saw my scale keep climbing despite my Weight Watchers diet and Biggest Loser workouts.

After my first 8 days on IGNITE™, I was down 4 pounds and 6 inches. Then, despite the fact I NEVER had any interest in running, I decided to take it up. In October I ran my first 5k and had a total weight loss of 11.5 pounds and 16 inches lost. Six of those inches were just off my waist!

In January, I ran my first 10k, and I'm now training for a half marathon. I LOVE Xyngular's products and the fact that my friends are doing so well on them also.

On the business side, I have been able to share this opportunity with so many people close to me. In the process I have been able to pay off my school loan and some credit card debt!

My business pays for my products each month, so it's like I'm getting free product! I love this amazing company, it's opportunity and products!

Cassie Heffron, Kansas

Xyngular Testimonial: Kelly Smith - Xyngukar - The best and most lucrative business I've ever been involved with

I came to Xyngular from another Network Marketing company where I got to know Stan Townsend. I was first involved just for the opportunity with Xyngular, but I used the products religiously after a while and I suddenly lost 10 pounds. As soon as XYNG™ came out, I got hooked on using it before my workouts. Soon after, I was able to fit into my 15 year old 32" waist Levi's!

Once I discovered and learned a few internet marketing techniques, I started seeing my volume grow. I began to share this with more and more team members, and Xyngular has been the best and most lucrative business I've ever been involved with...and I've tried them all!

With the way Xyngular is set up, it's the perfect opportunity for anyone to succeed if they are willing to learn and work hard. Xyngular makes is easy for us to market our website, have people sign up and order, and we all get to share the profit and growth. If we get new Distributors ready to grow their business, Xyngular has made it easy for that to happen!

Kelly Smith from Iowa

Xyngular Testimonial: Josette Cargasi - I wanted to get the weight off before my wedding I found myself again

I lost 20 pounds and over 18 inches on the IGNITE system. But most importantly I found myself again!

With 3 kids, a job and a fiancé sick with cancer, life had taken a toll on me. I couldn't find the motivation to get back into shape, or better yet, get myself back to the person I once was.

XYNGULAR helped me not only help myself but also help friends and family, and even people I had never met before! Thank you XYNGULAR!

Josette Vargas

Xyngular Testimonial: Kristina Olson: I wanted to get the weight off before my wedding
I had a baby August 30th, 2011 and wanted to try something to get my baby weight off. I am also getting married Sept 22nd, 2012! My goal is to get to 180 pounds by my wedding. I have a great feeling that Xyngular is going to get me to my goal and probably lower. My wedding dress size has been a 16. I tried dresses on yesterday, and I am already down to a size 12!

I have also joined a health club and enjoy "hot yoga." XYNG™ has got me feeling more energized! I have enjoyed listening in on conference calls and listening to others' success stories.

I also added 3 members during the month of February and they all have had success too! Kimmie has lost 10 pounds, Ty has lost 8 and Nicole has lost 10 all in their first 8 days!

The best part was I invited my soon-to-be husband to come along with me on this journey, and he has done great! He lost 14 pounds and 9 inches! We will both be continuing on!

I will continue my journey with Xyngular, and hope to share my success story with many more and build a larger team!

Kristina Kaleen Olson

Xyngular Testimonial: Michelle Harrell - 5.5 pounds and 9 inches lost in only 8 days
Here are my photo results after my 8-day IGNITE program. I normally wouldn't post photos of me like this, so this shows how confident I am about the Xyngular health and wellness program.

I lost 5.5 pounds and 9 inches in only 8 days and I can't believe all the energy I have! AmaXYNG! This has helped me understand how well my body works when I eat all the right foods.

I haven't finished my journey to be healthy yet...it's just the beginning!

Michelle Moshier Harrell

Xyngular Testimonials: Cacye Freyensee - I posted my weight loss on facebook
I have previously had stomach issues with ulcers and hernias. After being hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer in October 2011, my doctor told me something had to change. He said no more coffee, soda, spicy food, and a whole list of things. I couldn't believe it. I lived for my pot of coffee and spicy food every day! I had three different meds they wanted me to take. I filled only one out of the three and took it for a week. Of course it didn't do anything for me. So I went 10 miserable days with a horrible headache from caffeine withdraw.

I knew I had to do this for my health. Since October 2011 I guess you could say I have been "Going Green"! I started cooking much healthier, using organic products, using essential oils to treat my kids colds and fevers, etc. So when Dixie told me about this new product that was all natural, I was all about learning more! I became a Distributor that night!

My first day of IGNITE™ I had so much energy, and I felt fantastic! I lost 7 pounds and 7 inches!

I posted once on Facebook and got 27 responses! I was overwhelmed, I had no idea what I was doing let alone telling someone else what to do! I called Kristi Welch. Can I just say she is a saint!

She calmed me down, and helped me do conference calls and tastings. My first 30 days Kristi helped me understand the business end of Xyngular. I posted my husband's results on Facebook and had another huge response! People are loving Xyngular because its all natural and because it is quick weight loss!

Xyngular has changed my life! I have a ton of energy without having to drink a pot of coffee every day! This product has made me a better wife, mom, friend ... an overall better person.

I love to share Xyngular with everyone I know and everywhere I go! There are people in this world, who think if the doctor tells them to take a pill, they have to be on it without asking questions or trying to get healthier so they can go off it. I want those people to know that we don't necessarily have to live on pharmaceutical meds with all their side effects the rest of our lives. There are natural products out there like Xyngular's, and they're "AmaXYNG"!

Cacye Freyensee

I reached the first level of the Xtreme Builder Challenge by keeping my motivation fresh. I reached the first level of the Xtreme Builder Challenge by keeping my motivation fresh.

I made sure that everyone on my team had plenty of training, answers to all their questions and lots of mentoring. This was all very new to me, but by studying and believing in the product, it became easy to explain the health benefits of the Xyngular products to everyone who was interested. I came to know the products inside and out.

Then I advertised by word of mouth, on Facebook and by simply showing off my "before and after" pictures. This caused a lot of sparks. I made sure that those sparks didn't burn out, and here I am, going strong. I know that perseverance pays off.

Dixie Fails

Xyngular Testimonials: Brandon Bauer - More Energy Thanks To Xyng I want to be healthier and have more energy to keep up with my little one

The 90-Day Body Transformation Challenge has motivated me to lose weight and be healthier.

The best thing about taking XYNG™ is fact that you don't have to work out if you don't want to or don't have time...but you still have the ability to lose the weight that you desire. XYNG has been a huge help in getting me through my long 12-hour shifts.

My goals for the rest of February and March are to continue on the path that I'm currently on. My goal is to reach 220 pounds by my birthday in May. I have not been there since 2001, so I'm looking forward to reaching my goal. I want to be healthier and have more energy to keep up with my little one.

I try to motivate others to feel the energy increase that I have. I use myself as an example of how well the products work. There is nothing hard about it. You just have to commit, stay strong and follow through. If you do, you will definitely see the results that you are looking for.

Brandon Bauer

Xyngular Testimonial - Lexie Davis: I started my 8-day Xyngular Ignite and I already feel better I started my 8-day IGNITE™, and I already feel better

"These are the photos when I started my 8-day IGNITE on February 6, 2012. I weigh 144 and I'm aiming for losing 15-20 pounds this month.

"I've started a weight lifting program that I can rotate every 3 months, I have also started training for a run in April and for the first time since 2007 (after knee surgeries), I was able to do some squats with weights. I limited the weights to reduce stress on the patellar tendon and irritation to the torn ACL in the left knee. "Girls at work are asking me for help on losing weight, and I love it!

"My old neighbor said I'm shrinking in all of my clothes and scrubs and that I need to breakdown and buy a new clothes. I'm not buying any clothes until I get to my goal weight :-)

"Best of all, besides the weight loss, I feel better, I'm not drinking pop, and people keep carding me for everything!

Lexie Davis

Xyngular Testimonials - Mabel Rios: Super Fruit Global Blend is helping my son Super Fruit Global Blend™ is helping my son
My 10-year-old son Daniel Jesus has a Pervasive Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome. It's a type of Autism, but more manageable.

Before Daniel started taking the Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend™, we had many problems at home. Because of his condition his behavior at home was much too aggressive. It was a problem taking him to school in the mornings because he was always in a bad mood. And his bad mood didn't stop when he got home either.

I feel he has now achieved physical and mental health thanks to Global Blend. He concentrates better, does all his homework at school, doesn't behave so aggressively, and is much happier.

Mabel Ríos Maldonado

Xyngular Testimonials - Joie Vawter - My kids love Xyngular XypStix My kids love XypStix

I gave each of my kiddos a XypStix drink to sip on. My daughter was VERY sick to her tummy. And my son just wanted some because he loved the smell.

They both agreed it tastes like candy. My daughter after her first sip said with a BIG smile, "It tastes like candy!"

Thanks for these awesome products. I am so happy to be a part of the team!

Joie Vawter

Mayra S. Torries - Xyngular Testimonail: People tell me I look like another person People tell me I look like another person
In April of 2011, I started using Xyngular® products.

At the time I weighed 190 pounds. I had tried to lose weight with other methods. I tried many well-known products, but I couldn't lose a pound.

One day I was invited to a meeting where they showed me Xyngular products. I decided to try them.

In the first week I lost 8 pounds without doing any exercise at all. During the next two months I lost about 30 pounds.

After that I went 3 months without using any of the Xyngular products with the exception of CHEAT™. I was surprised that I was able to maintain the weight I had achieved. But because I hadn't yet reached my goal, I started using the products again and continued losing weight.

As of today I have lost a total of 42 pounds. I'm 41, and I have been watching my metabolism slowing down. But I have been surprised at how I am now able to lose weight using Xyngular products. I can eat what I like without worrying.

People tell me that I look like another person...someone 10 years younger. My health has gotten better, I feel more agile, and I feel happy thanks to Xyngular.

Mayra S. Torres

Xyngular Testimonial - Deb Pozzo

Much less pain and more stamina and enthusiasm for life
After a short 2 weeks, I had lost 18 pounds, shed multiple inches, and could withstand a full day's activities. I had much less pain and more stamina and enthusiasm for life.

Since I was forced into early retirement because of health issues, I was excited to have this opportunity to help people change their lives. Xyngular has given me the foundation to build, putting all the pieces in place to help others build toward the lifestyle they've been searching for.

Anyone who wonders if this is as good as it seems, give it a try, and you'll find out it is! Xyngular rocks!

My husband owned a pizzeria for several years. It took over our lives. Our family and marriage suffered tremendously because of it. Since getting rid of it last year, we have taken off with Xyngular. We have taken several trips with the company, including Sundance. WOW! The opportunity we have here is beyond spectacular. With Xyngular, the sky is the limit. The leaders are so down-to-earth and we feel like a family. I'm now staying home with my kids and bringing in an income. What a dream come true!

Deb Pozzo

Xyngular Testimonial - Garry Pozzo

I'm proud to support my wife in her growing ability to help people
Since my wife got me on XYNG™, AXION™, and XypStix™, I have been able to focus and complete many long overdue projects. An added bonus is much relief from a cranky shoulder. I love supporting my wife and am proud of her growing ability to guide people to personal health and wellness.

Garry Pozzo

Xyngular Testimonial - Matt Mlynarek

I found my jump-start to a healthier lifestyle
I lost 12 pounds on IGNITE, and within 16 days I was down 18 pounds and feeling great. I found my jump-start to a healthier lifestyle. I've now lost 30 pounds in 60 days and continue to use all the Xyngular products.

I hit Manager in my first month with Xyngular and have been earning income ever since. Having no Network marketing experience, I've received big support from the Xyngular family. I am able to produce a second income from the comfort of home and love that Xyngular is all about working together, one team, and one vision. I look forward to many more good times.

Matt Mlynarek
Xyngular Testimonial - Tammy Armstrong: I'm pain free at last I am pain free at last
I spent three of the past seven years taking care of my mom during her final illness. A year after her passing, I was rear ended at a red light by a flatbed tow truck. This left me with a neck fusion, back problems, a closed-head injury, and a lot of anxiety. I was unable to take care of myself and my family. That was the worst part for me...feeling helpless.

So I started to OD on food, and it was slowly destroying my body inside and out. I was gaining so much weight.

I decided I needed to get out of the house with all the pain I was living with every day and start to try to live again.

Last summer I ran into an old friend, and he told me about the Xyngular® products. I started using XYNG™, and within 2 weeks I was down 17 pounds. Then I did 2 rounds of IGNITE™ and continued to use the products afterwards. Today I am down a total of 62 pounds. I am pain free, my closed-head injury symptoms are gone, and I'm off my meds. I am taking care of myself and my family again.

Thank you XYNGULAR!

Tammy Armstrong

Xyngular Testimonial: Sharen Meashiro - I lost 26 pounds with Xyng and Accelerate Daily I lost 26 pounds in 5 weeks with XYNG™ and Accelerate
I can hardly believe that at 69 years of age I was able to lose 26 pounds by using one XYNG and one Accelerate daily. I went from a size 20 to a size 16 in only 5 weeks. It gave me so much energy. I am so happy to have found Xyngular products.

These two photos were only 30 days apart. I am amazed at the difference Xyngular has made in my life. I'm so grateful that someone thought enough of me to start me off with two sample packages of these capsules.

Sharen Maeshiro

Marilyn King: Xyngular Testimonial - I'm down 30 pounds in 4 months on IGNITE I'm down 30 pounds in 4 months on IGNITE

Over the past 13 years, I gained a lot of weight, going from a size 8 to a size 22 or even 24 at times. I had resigned myself to being a fat woman, and at my age (65 at the time) I thought I was too old to lose weight.

I had tried several "new" programs and lost a little weight on everything, but felt so deprived. On one I felt quite ill. So I gave up.

In mid June 2011, my friend Liz Allen sent me a XYNG™ sample, and right away, I knew this was going to work, so I signed up and bought more XYNG and LEAN.

I loved how I felt, and with just XYNG and LEAN, I lost a few pounds. Then Joanne Wolff called me and told me about IGNITE™. I got on IGNITE a couple of weeks later and lost 8 pounds on that.

I've done IGNITE 3 times and lost several pounds every time.

Since I started I've lost 30 pounds, and have about 30 more to go, but I feel so good, and the inches just keep coming off, even when the weight stalls. I've lost over 20 inches and am now in a size 16.

My 15-year-old grandson came to visit last week, and the first thing he said to me, was "Grandma, you've lost a ton of weight. You look amazing". I am so grateful to Xyngular, Liz, and Joanne for changing my life.

Marilyn King - Silver Manager

Xyngular Testimonial: Marilyn Diaz - I'm loosing weight without dieting Before, I couldn't lose weight with anything, and now, without dieting, I was losing all these pounds"
I just love the Xyngular products!

Last January my good friend Terry Muniz called telling me that he found something that might helped me. I was 100 pounds overweight, and I had giving up on trying to lose those pounds. I had tried everything on the market with no result.

My doctor had diagnosed prediabetes, and I was taking 500mg of glucophage, one in the morning and one at night. At this stage in my life I was deeply depressed.

When Terry told my husband and me that there was a money back guarantee, my husband said, "We have nothing to lose." We decided to give it a try.

My first week on the IGNITE™ system, I lost 11 pounds. At the end of 30 days, I had lost 21 pounds. What a shock! Before Xyngular, I couldn't lose weight with anything, and now, without dieting, I was losing all these pounds.

I took a trip, and I usually always gain weight when I travel, but not this time.

I have lost 50 pounds, and I'm still counting. I'll have to admit that I didn't follow the IGNITE system exactly as it is recommended, but I still was able to lose 50 pounds.

I no longer use the glucophage because my prediabetes condition is under control. I no longer need it. Thank you, Xyngular!

Marilyn Diaz- Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Xyngular Testimonial: Ron Johnson - Xyngular Helped Me Avoid Lap Band Bariatric Surgery Xyngular helped me avoid Lap Band bariatric surgery
I was one week away from signing on the dotted line for the "Lap Band" procedure [bariatric surgery] because I felt after all the failed diets I had been on over probably 30 years, I was going to try this last option.

I was on the phone with an "older" school friend and she told me she had two sisters that had done that procedure and both had failed miserably.

She then told me she wanted to send some information for me to look at. She was currently using a product that was working for her. Information came and I decided to try once more to see if it would work and I could forget about the "Lap Band".

Through my friend Marilyn and her friend Joanne, I signed up and Joanne even delivered some of the product I had ordered so I could get started without having to wait for delivery.

I dropped 20 lbs in 16 or 17 days, and I was hooked. I've continued with the IGNITE program, and I am currently down 55 pounds in just over 60 days. I have more consistent energy, and I've dropped 3 shirt and pants sizes.

Thankfully I did not sign on the dotted line!
Ron Johnson

Xyngular Testimonials: I've found a new income stream...helping people I've found a new income stream...helping people
I began taking XYNG last June and lost 8 pounds. I loved the energy it gave me and was intrigued enough to give the other products a try. I lost 10 additional pounds using CORE4, and another 10 pounds using Xyngular's IGNITE system!

Since then, I've lost another 7 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 35 pounds! I've gone from a size 12 to a size 2. I haven't felt this good in at least 10 years! I'm so thankful to have found Xyngular, and love helping people feel as good about themselves as I do now!

The best part is that I get to make an additional income for helping people! As an interior designer and small business owner, I found my business flailing with the downturn in the economy. It became apparent that I needed a second stream of income.

I went to the first XYNGFEST in San Diego just to see what the company was all about. I basically went on a "XYNG and a prayer!" I was so impressed with the company and the people that I decided to become a Distributor. I'm so excited about the direction of the company!

Sundance was a great experience. It helped me to see into the future. The sky is the limit with Xyngular--I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!"

Genio Pugliese - Xyngular Testimonial
Here's the short statement Genio Pugliese sent out on Facebook that is building him such a great business...

"In a short 90 days this is what is possible with Xyngular Products and the IGNITE 8-day Program. My journey to a six pack is almost there. I dare say that by the end of October 2011 I will be there. This physical transformation happened without me experiencing any hunger, muscle loss, or energy loss. In addition my blood pressure which was once 175 over 140 is now normal, I am off my medication, my sleep apnea is completely gone, I no longer snore, and my cholesterol is completely normal now.

Genio Pugliese

Xyngular Testimonial: Wanda Droge - After 4 months my total weight loss was 40 pounds After 6 months my total weight loss was 40 pounds
I started the IGNITE challenge February 15th and lost six pounds in eight days. I couldn't believe the extra energy I felt and the mental clarity and alertness from XYNG.

I continued taking all of the products and making healthy food choices. After three months on the products, my cholesterol was down 54 points and my triglycerides were down 45 points.

After six months my total weight loss was 40 pounds, nearly 24% off my starting weight! I lost 6" each from my bust, waist, and hips, 4" from each thigh, and an amazing 8" from my abdomen! I started in a size 14 pant and now I wear size 4.

I added AXION in early August, and I feel better than ever.

Thank you, Xyngular for helping me reshape my body and for providing a simple plan to earn extra income while I help others meet their weight loss and income goals.

Wanda Droge, Topeka, KS

Losing my weight and getting off my pain meds made my husband so happy, he wrote a Xyngular Jingle Losing my weight and getting off my pain meds made my husband so happy, he wrote a Xyngular Jingle

Before Xyngular I struggled with my weight. For the past 6 years, I tried everything to lose 30 pounds. I would lose and gain some back; lose and gain it back again. After 31 years of marriage, 4 children, and being over 45; I just resigned myself to the facts of life. I was not going to lose the weight.

Then my friends Mike & Tami Castronovo told me about XYNG and CORE4. I shed 3 pounds my first week on XYNG. Then I added CORE4 and dropped 16 pounds and 6 inches in less than 60 days!

I lowered my blood pressure and no longer need pain meds for arthritis pain! I look and feel better than I have in years.

My husband was so happy that I have my 25-year-old body back he wrote a Xyngular jingle. (It's attached in this ConneXion).

But the best part is I'm making over $1,500.00 a month part-time, and we just went on our first Xyngular trip to Sundance.

Going to Sundance showed us how much Xyngular cares about their Managers. We aren't just another number, we are family. The company has a great staff. They took care of our needs and had personal conversations with us to get to know us well. We are honored a blessed to be a part of the Xyngular family.

Xyngular Testimonial: Steve Puchalski: I've lost 10 pounds on IGNITE program From out of shape to the best shape of my life at age 40
Before incorporating Xyngular products into my daily regimen, I was out of shape and probably the heaviest I'd ever been. I started with the IGNITE Program and lost 10 pounds and over an inch off my waist in just 8 days.

From there, the weight just kept coming off and I found myself having more energy, so I wanted to exercise and continue with a healthy diet. I'm now in the best shape of my life at age 40 and have NEVER looked like this before! Thank you Xyngular!

Steve Puchalski

Xyngular Testimonial: Jeff Clark - My mother lost 47 pounds from her wheelchair in a nursing home My mother lost 47 pounds from her wheelchair in a nursing home
My mother, Theda Clark is wheelchair-bound and has not walked in 3 YEARS. She had to be put in a nursing home because she cannot take care of herself. Because of her weight and other problems, it takes 3-4 people to help her get from her wheelchair into bed because she cannot move her legs. She takes 15 different medicines every morning for heart, blood pressure and so on.

We got her started on Xyngular's products on January 20th. I was giving her 3 LEAN shakes a day and using XYNG and Accelerate in the mornings and FLUSH at night. She also "CHEATs" on everything she eats!

She has now lost 47 pounds. I have never seen her so excited! She started at 275 pounds and is now down to only 228 pounds.

Because she's in a nursing home, she has to eat what they fix. But she has now cut her food intake in half and feels great!

She is able to do more now in her physical therapy sessions because of her newfound energy and weight loss!

Xyngular has been such a great blessing.

Jeff Clark, Burlington, Kansas

Xyngular Testimonial: Mark Lori - Xyngular helped my diabetes Thanks to Xyngular I no longer depend on insulin or pharmaceuticals for my diabetes
In my late forties I learned I had type II diabetes. My doctor eventually put me on insulin and another diabetes drug called Byetta. I frequently asked my doctor what I needed to do to get off all this medication. His replay was always "lose weight."

I started taking Xyngular products in September of 2010. At that time I weighed 286 pounds and my hemoglobin A1C was 8.4%...a sign of poor blood sugar control.

Since that time I have taken off weight using the CORE4 products and also completing two rounds of IGNITE. At my last doctor's appointmentin July my weight had dropped to 252 pounds and my Hemoglobin A1C was 5.9%. Hemoglobin below 6.0% is considered non diabetic. My doctor took me off insulin and Byetta. He was so impressed with the way I have managed my health, he told me he is just going to stay out of my way.

Thanks to Xyngular I no longer have to depend on insulin or pharmaceuticals to keep my blood sugar under control. Using Xyngular my wife Lori has also lost 30 pounds. That is 64 total pounds we have lost as a couple.

Our health has improved and we are now saving money by eliminating costly medications from our budget. Xyngular has become a huge part of our new lifestyle.

Mark and Lori Harvala

Xyngular Testimonial: Rob Freres - My chronic neck and shoulder pain was completely gone
My chronic neck and shoulder pain was completely gone
I'm one of those skeptics when it comes to natural remedies, but I have a story to tell.

My wife, Jane and I returned from the Las Vegas XYNGFEST where Xyngular released their new nutritional supplement, AXION.

I was told to take a double dose for 10 days and report any effects. So I took 4 tablets Monday.

When I awoke the following day, I looked over at my wife and said, "It's a miracle!" The chronic neck and shoulder pain I had experienced from an industrial accident 20 years ago and a skiing accident 5 years ago was completely gone!

I've even quit using my therapeutic pillows. I haven't felt this good in decades.

It's been three weeks, and I can't believe how great I feel!

Rob Freres, Lyons, Oregon

Shawn Lucca, California: Xyngular Saved My Business Xyngular Saved My Business
Without Xyngular, I would not have my traditional business today.

When things shifted in the economy, it put my traditional business at risk. I did not want to close it and start working for someone else again, and luckily, Xyngular's additional income helped me so I didn't have to!

To date this year, I've made over $35,000. The extra income has helped my traditional business survive and thrive, and has given my family a newfound financial freedom.

On top of the income, I've lost nearly 40 pounds and kept the weight off. Xyngular has transformed my finances and body, and my family and I are so grateful for it!

Shawn Lucca, San Jose, California

Genio Pugliese - From 380 pounds and a 48-inch waist to 291 pounds and a 38-inch waist From 380 pounds and a 48-inch waist to 291 pounds and a 38-inch waist

Last November I weighed 380 pounds with a 48-inch waist and high blood pressure, among other issues.

Through Xyngular’s all-natural products and systems, I now find myself weighing 291 pounds with a 38 inch waist and counting! I did this without hunger or stress and with tons of energy!

After using Xyngular products for 20 days, I went from 33.6% body fat to 27% body fat. I lost more than 30 pounds in those 20 days. And finally, for the first time in over 4 years, I am under 300 pounds!

I’ve posted these results on my Facebook page, and people cannot believe the change. Here are a few of the comments:

“What a transformation Genio! Good job. You look great!!!” –Carol Armstrong

“AmaXYNG GENIO!! I have tried a lot of things in the past to lose weight without success; Xyngular products helped me open the door to new health and a new way of life! I had to do a lot of hard work too, but Xyngular products are helping me do what I had trouble doing on my own! Now I have a new me and a new life!! And I'm in Hawaii enjoying life! A year ago I never would have thought that was possible for my life, I was over 300 pounds and barely could get the energy to take the trash to the curb. Now I just hiked Diamond Head! Watch out world! Thank you Xyngular and to all my amazing friends!” –Char Smith

Hey Genio, you gotta let me know how you did this?” –Keri Baird

“Amazing. It's these stories that keep me going to become more healthy for myself and my family. Keep Rockin it Genio!” –Kris Hansen

Thank you Xyngular for helping me achieve this transformation. I’m still not finished losing the weight and can’t wait to see how far down my weight will go!

Genio Pugliese, Vancouver BC

I felt energy and mental clarity and had to remind myself to eat I felt energy and mental clarity and had to remind myself to eat

I am a person that is wide awake six or seven times each night. So when I took the XYNG the first day and didn’t really feel anything, I was thinking, “Great, something else that didn’t work for me!” But I was wrong.

I went to bed and the ALARM CLOCK woke me up the next morning. I couldn’t believe it! I got up and got ready for work. I noticed that my husband had not taken his XYNG. It was still on the counter, so I took it. That is the day I will always remember, because within 20 minutes I felt the energy and mental clarity. I had to remind myself to eat. And again I slept all night the second night.

I did the XYNGULAR IGNITE Fat Burning System the last week of August 2010 and lost 10 pounds in 8 days. Since then I have lost a total of 30 pounds and 10 inches! I have never felt this good in all my life. I thank XYNGULAR every day for that!

I love shopping for clothes that are 4 sizes smaller and instead of buying an XL shirt, I can now buy a medium!

Brandee Clark, Burlington, K

Xyngular Testimonial: Omar Rivera - We enroll a lot more people in less time We enroll a lot more people in less time

We have been in network marketing for 16 years and built a 6-figure annual business. But when we found Xyngular, we realized we could enroll a lot more people in less time with these amazing products and this powerful compensation plan. My business took off like a rocket ship! People on my team call and say, "Thanks for this opportunity, this month I can pay my mortgage!" If you want an explosion and fast growth in your business, this is the secret: build long-term and strong relationships.

Omar Rivera & Tadia Collazo, Puerto Rico

Xyngular Testimonial - Rachel Tyre: I lost 17 pounds and got back to my high school weight

I lost 17 pounds and got back to my high school weight before my 10-year reunion


I am so thankful I was introduced to Xyngular products 3 months before my 10 year high school reunion. I was able to lose 17 pounds to get back to my high school weight, which I have not been since my first year of college. Not only do I have more energy now, I also feel as young as I did in high school.


-Rachel Tyre

After 30+ years in Network Marketing, I have never seen a Compensation Plan like this

After 30+ years in Network Marketing, I have never seen a Compensation Plan like this

I an diabetic, and I've had 2 open heart surgeries. I'm 54 years old. I was introduces to Xyngular May 2010 when my friend José Luis Detrés gave me a XYNG.


After our ľ hour drive, someone asked me what I wanted to eat. I said: "You won't believe this, but I'm not hungry, and I'm not nervous or shaky either like I usually feel with diet pills."


Since then, I have lost 40+ pounds, and It's been 11 months since I last took a pill to control my sugar level! I walk 5 - 6 miles 3 - 5 times a week and feel great.


Thank you Xyngular, for the health and all the extra income I have made.


After 30+ years in Network Marketing, I have never seen a Compensation Plan like this that PAYS... PERIOD!


Frankie Pagan, Puerto Rico

Xyngular Testimonial - Joceyn Pratt: Feeling Better Thanks to Xyngular Ignite

Feeling better than I have in years

I was tired of being tired and nod having any energy, being overweight, and feeling like I couldn't get anything accomplished. On IGNITE, I lost 16 pounds and 20 inches in 8 days! But even better, I had true energy and focus!

I felt better than I had in years. My joints weren't hurting anymore! Now, after 2 1/2 months, I'm down 35 pounds and 31.5 inches - just in time for celebrating my 55th birthday!


Jocelyn Pratt

Xyngular Testimonial - Stephanie Doshier: Teacher Lost 5 Pounds 10 Inches With Xyngular Ignite

I’m a kindergarten teacher with 18 students in my classroom. As many of you know, there isn’t a lot of down time with 5 and 6 year olds. Usually, by lunchtime I’d be exhausted, cranky, and need a pick-me-up. My choice was soda!

By math time at 1:30, I was back to feeling grumpy and tired with no patience. Math was not fun or exciting for me or my students. This mood didn’t just stay at work—it came home with me. All I wanted to do was eat and sit on the couch in peace.

With no energy to do anything, I created a “muffin top.” I fixed the muffin top by buying shirts that hid it. It didn’t stop there. My pants began to fit very tight, and I’d unbutton them when sitting down. At this point, I knew something needed to be done but didn’t have any energy to do so.

Then my friend Nikki sent me an invitation to attend a Xyngular gathering. I listened to testimonials on how the products worked. I liked the no-risk offer and realized I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the IGNITE package.

I followed the 8-day plan and on the first day at math time I realized I hadn’t had a soda, and I didn’t need one. As the days went on, I noticed my energy level was consistent throughout the day. I was more patient and positive. I was spending more time off the couch!

After doing the 8-day plan, I can’t stress enough how much more energy I have and how much better I feel than I have in years! Xyngular not only gave me more energy, but I’ve lost 5 pounds and a total of 10 inches within the first 8 days of using the products.

I’ve continued to use the products in my daily routine and am now down 11 pounds and 15 ½ inches in 8 weeks!

- Stephanie Doshier, Wichita, Kansas

Xyngular Testimonial - Laura: I had lost 8 pounds and 9 inches! Xyngular IGNITE

Thanks to Xyngular I'm back to my high school weight. I have lost 20 pounds!

I lost my mother to cancer in December of 2008. It was a huge shock because she was only 66.

After 2 years of grieving and emotional eating, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what happened to me – as if I did not know that eating 4 slices of pizza and a whole order of chicken strips was not putting on the pounds.

During this time I made a friend of Jennifer Bradshaw on Facebook. She posted inspirational messages, helpful hints, and information about new products from Xyngular.

I was skeptical at first since I have tried almost every program out there without much success.

But I decided that instead of having a mid-life crisis over my weight gain, that I would have a mid-life body transformation! And I reached out to Jennifer for more information on the products.

We chatted on Facebook, I checked out her website, we chatted on the phone, and we met in person (since we both live in the Houston area).

I started the Xyngular IGNITE Program at the end of March. And in the first eight days I had lost 8 pounds and 9 inches! To date I have lost almost 20 pounds, am close to being the same weight I was when I graduated from high school in 1983 and have gone from a size 14 dress to a size 8! My confidence has increased. I stand taller. And there is a little extra swish in my step!


I love the XYNGULAR products because they are all natural, and most importantly, they work. They have helped people lose from 20 to 100+ pounds. Amazing.

I no longer crave carbs (this alone is amazing from the girl who could polish off an entire bag of chips or a pound of Godiva chocolate in one sitting). And I have broken my addiction to aspartame. No more Diet Coke and Crystal Light for me! I feel better than I have in years and look forward to many years of health and wellness.

Jennifer, Xyngular, and my entire Xyngular family; thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have taught me so much about myself in such a short period of time. This product and company has changed my life both personally and professionally, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Xyngular Testimonial - Stacy Guinn: I’m down 19 pounds & 11.5 inches in 60 days

Before and After Stacy Guinn

I have officially been working on my new, healthy Xyngular lifestyle for 60 days! I am down 19 lbs & 11.5”, 4 of those inches in my waist!

Even better than the weight loss is the way I feel. I haven’t felt this good or had this much energy since before I had kids!

I just feel very lucky and very blessed!

I’ve also been able to help other people get healthy & make extra money to take my family on vacation this summer!

Stacy Guinn

Xyngular Testimonial - Julie mlynarek: I have lost 65 pounds
Xyngular Has Changed My Life

After having my third child and VERY HEAVY pregnancies, I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to XYNGULAR throught a good friend. My daughter is 10 months old and I have lost over 65 pounds! Xyngular has changed my life - it has given me back ME!

I am feeling healthier, stronger and LEANER than I have felt in years. There is nothing better than gaining back confidence. I have taken my exercise to a whole new level. Most importantly, I am able to live lifer right now to its fullest!

I needed a lifestyle change, and Xyngular has given that to me.


Julie Mlynarek

Xyngular Testimonial - Jennifer Kuntz: Down 54 pounds in the past year! Down 54 pounds in te past year!

I use XYNG and Accelerate every day. Not only do they help my weight loss, but I love the way they make me feel!

I have more energy, and I don't eat quite as often as I used to. I did not follow a special diet or do any extra exercise and I've lost 54 pounds in a year.

I LOVE it - the possibilities are endless!

Jennifer Kuntz

Xyngular Testimonial - Joan Morehead: Helped other improve their health

With Xyngular, I've been able to help others improve their health, increase self-confidence, begin building their own businesses and get them on their way to achieving their dreams! Personally, I've decreased my weight by 19 pounds and, more impressively, I have melted 27 inches from my body! By enjoying the Xyngular products, Ilook better, fell better, my clothes fit better and my husnad says there is less of me to hug! I told him to hold on tight-we're just getting started!

Joan Morehead

Xyngular Testimonial - Debra Mayers lost 7.4lbs in 8 days!

I have lost 7.4lbs and 7 1/2 inches in just 8 days! I have also lost a total of 22 inches now! Xyngular's products are so safe, my 87 year old mother's internist approved her taking them! Now the Holidays are upon us and the best gift you can give is XYNG! Have more energy, feel less stress and enjoy the gatherings and parties because you feel more confident.

Debra Myers

Xyngular Testimonial - Danna Aloia: 40lbs in 6weeks with IGNITE program

My husband Joe lost 40 pounds in only 6 weeks using the Xyngular products. The IGNITE Program helped him lose the last few and now he looks great! Thank you Xyngular for giving me my husband back!

Danna Aloia

Xyngular Testimonial - Cala Stadel: 25lbs in 30days with Xyngular Ignite program

It is never been easier to lose weight than right now! I lost 13 pounds in 8 days on Xyngular's IGNITE program! I have lost 15 inches, including 5 inches off my waist and 25 pounds in 30 days and the pounds keep disappearing!

Cala Stadel

Xyngular Testimonial - Anna Marie: Lost 38lbs and 11 inches

After one month on the Core4 products, I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to size 6. My starting weight was 178 pounds and I am now 140 pounds! My waist has lost 11 inches! I feel great and I also look great with lots more energy and high self esteem!

Anna Marie Alvarado Miskowski

Xyngular Testimonial - Angela Marler: Lost 12 inches and 50 lbs with Xyngular IGNITE Program

Through the Xyngular IGNITE Program, I lost 9 pounds and 12 inches in the first 8 days! I am now wearing size 8 and have lost 50 pounds! All I can say is WOW! I have never felt better and I am so exited to tell everyone about the way Xyngular has changed my life!


Angela Marler

Xyngular Testimonial - William Brown: Lost 44 lbs in 4 months with XYNG

As a native Jamaican, I not only love my ancestru's splendid food but throughly enjoy dining on it as well... sometimes a little too much! Recently, I was introduced to XYNG. XYNG not only energized my, but put a healthy dent in my appetite and uplifted my mood so much so that I took it daily. I wasn't looking to lose weight, but I weighed 272 pounds back in June, and after XYNG I am now tipping in at 228!

I'm amazed. My frineds are amazed. Portions of my wardrobe that had globe inwearable for years are also amazed! But, 44 pounds later (and ligher!), I feel fantastic, I look younger, I think younger and I'm busy amazing my friends!

Thank you XYNG!

William Brown


Xyngular Testimonial - John Miller: loss 46 lbs in less than 90days

In less than 90 days, I have lost 46 pounds through Xyngular's products! I really love XYNG. I love the focus it gives me, and it boost my energy level all day! Thanks to Xyngular, I am now in the best shape of my life!


John Miller

Xyngular Testimonial - Helena Danisova: Lost 48lbs in 4 month with CORE4

Before finding Xyngular I felt like I'd already tried all the diets in the world. Only Xyngular has helped me with my obesity. I have lost 48 pounds in 4 months. I have used CORE4 and the IGNITE Program. I am now beautiful and slim again! Thank you Xyngular


Helena Danisova, Slovakia

Xyngular Testimonial - Dave Potruzski: Lost 18 pounds in 8 days!

Xyngular IGNITE program Works!

Wow, I'm now on day 8 of the IGNITE System and I am down 18 pounds! Plus, I'd already lost 22 pounds with Xyngular products before I started IGNITE! that's a grand total of 40 pounds since October 20th! Thank you Xyngular!

Dave Potruzski

Xyngular Testimonial - Heather Smith: additional income, positive attitude

XYNG is the Answer!

I knew after taking my first sample of XYNG that I had found the answer! My attitude was more positive, I smiled more, I felt better overall and I began losing weight right away! I've now lost 33 pounds and more than 8 inches from my waist! I've met some very inspiring friends along the way and the additional income has changed our family tree forever!


Heather Smith, KS

Xyngular Testimonial - Heremia & Ina Mackenzie: Extreme business builder bonus winner

We are the second proud winners of the $1,000 Xtreme business builder BONUS! For us there is no special recipe but simply setting goals and doing everything we can to achieve them ( including not letting anyone or anything limit us!) We also have an awesome example to follow in our upline Ivy Tan. Her results motivate us to push hard toward success- No EXCUSES. Xyngular’s unique Comp Plan ensures that with hard work and correct training, it is fail-proof! We look forward to hearing of many more successes in the company! Here's to Health and Wealth!

Heremaia & Ina Mackenzie

Xyngular Testimonial - Maria Oliva: Xynge Helped Me Go From Size 12 to 4

XYNG Helped Me Go From Size 12 to Size 4!

I was struggling with my weight for 2 years and it would take me 1 month of exercise just to lose 5 pounds. It was discouraging that the weight would not come off, and even more discouraging that my daughter was going on 2 ½ so it really wasn't considered baby weight anymore. I was introduced to XYNG and I began losing weight quickly! I lost a total of 23 pounds and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in just 12 weeks! I use XYNG everyday and I use Cheat on all my food. The products make me look and feel great and I've been able to generate an income just by sharing these PHENOMENAL products!

Maria Oliva, Zapata

Xyngular Testimonial - CORE4 Really, Really Works-I’m Down 23 Pounds and 9 Inches So Far!

CORE4 Really, Really Works-I’m Down 23 Pounds and 9 Inches So Far!

Chuck Kamelamela Core4After 3 ½ weeks on the CORE4 Plan, I can say this really, really works! I have not been at this weight in years! My back doesn't hurt anymore when I stand or walk. I have more energy and my blood pressure is in the normal range! When I started on CORE4 on January 30th, my blood pressure was 155/90 and today it was 131/82! My glucose is coming down as well. Not only am I thrilled with the results, but my Doctor will be too! CORE4 is very easy to stay on, especially when you see the results. I hope to be around 250 pounds in the next 2 weeks. I have not been in the 250's in about 5 years!

23 pounds lost and a total of 9 inches lost so far on CORE4!

Chuck Kamelamela

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