Xyngular Spryng is Here

Xyngular Spryng - revolutionary multi-purpose functional beverageThis past Friday marked the launch of Xyngular’s revolutionary multi-purpose functional beverage, Spryng. Spryng is a leap forward in the way we think about energy, focus, hydration, immunity, recovery, and performance and comes in a fantastic Tropical Fusion flavor.

Fusing a wide variety of clinically-studied ingredients into an absolutely massive 7,138mg proprietary blend, Spryng is poised to take your body, mind, and business to the next level.

We have put together some great resources to help you learn about Spryng and also for you to introduce others to this groundbreaking product. In the links below you will find a product overview, ingredient breakdown, and comparison chart in both English and Spanish to give you all the tools you need to make this product a smash hit come November 1stwhen it officially becomes available for purchase.

In addition to being available for sale in a single 15-serving container ($50 wholesale/40PV), Spryng will be available in a 3-pack ($142 wholesale/120PV) and will also be part of the Ultimate Transformation Kit, replacing one of the Xypstix. Along with the inclusion of Spryng, the Ultimate Transformation Kit will begin shipping with it’s own unique blue box on November 1st. Look over the resources and get ready to Spryng into action on November 1st.



Spryng Product Profile Spryng Product Profile
Spryng Ingredients List Spryng Ingredients List
Spryng Product Comparison Spryng Product Comparison