Eating meat and ignoring tomatoes have dramatic cancer incidence(NaturalNews) If you were to ask the vast majority of young and middle-aged adults if the type of foods they regularly consume had any effect on their risk of developing a host of different forms of cancer, most would indicate a passive ignorance, as they blindly believe that risk is predetermined by their genetic makeup and they can do little (short of smoking cessation) to avoid the number two killer of men and women in the US. Long ago, scientists determined that statistical significance of developing cancer based solely on genetic inheritance was at less than one-half of 1 percent. Our lifestyle choices made over the course of years and decades control genetic expression and disease development and progression.

President's Message April 2014 Wow! What a great month we just wrapped up. We finished February on fire, ending with a 21% volume increase over January.

Our sponsoring was also up by nearly 1,400 new Distributors over January. And just when we did not think we could get any more excited, 77 Distributors qualified for an additional $31,000 through the 'Dash for Cash’ promotion, 128 people qualified for President’s Club In February. 40 of them fully qualifying by hitting their second month In the quarter. That Is 40 Distributors guaranteed to be on the red carpet, at the President’s Club Luncheon, and getting special recognition at Xyngfllng In Dallas with more time still to go! As exciting as that Is, I am here to tell you that the energy and excitement you see now will be eclipsed by the excitement you see In March. Things are exploding and it is a very exciting time to be at Xyngular.

50K Getaway Was Our Biggest Reward Trip to Date! We had another incredible 50K Getaway, visiting Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel, and more! It was the biggest reward trip we have had yet!

To see more Distributor photos from the 50K Getaway, head to Here is what a few attendees had to say about their experience at sea:

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Beginning today, April 1, any Distributor who gets 8,000 in  total inception GV* between April 1 and  May 31 will earn a FREE helicopter tour! This is not capped! We will reserve as many helicopters as we need to! Details of the tour can be found below.

Healthy Nutrition: The Way To Live A Healthy LifeIt is without a doubt that many people are aware of the importance of good nutrition. It is also true that most people for one reason or the other, do not consider it a significant part of healthy living. In a world where fast foods have become the order of the day, good nutrition has never been this important. Though these fast foods are easier, quicker and better tasting, they are not better for our lives and this is why it is important that everyone watches what they eat.