Xyngular Health and BusinessThere is no doubt that weight management and weight loss is a huge business. With almost two thirds of the population overweight and roughly half that number obese, an effective weight loss program is an easy sell in today's super-sized world. The weight loss industry has ballooned, alongside our waistlines, to a staggering 61 billion dollars in 2013 with a whopping 100 million people trying to lose weight multiple times each year.

Think about this though…the general wellness, anti-aging, and energy markets grew by almost double digits in the last year alone outpacing weight loss by a considerable amount. The health and wellness industry as a whole is very strong, and is rapidly approaching the trillion-dollar mark.

I will find healthy substitutions for what I crave mostIt is not realistic to think that we won't be tempted to binge on our personal favorite salty, sugary, or fatty snack foods. But we can locate healthy substitutions. Even on Valentine's Day.

We can replace addictive foods with other options. Sometimes it is just the crunch or a texture we're after. If it is crunchy chips and dip that trigger our binges, we can try crunchy celery or sweet pepper slices with hummus or an all-natural, low-fat dressing. Maybe chewing something will take the edge off like sunflower seeds or almonds. If we're in a candy mood, we can try fruit with some string cheese or peanut butter to take the edge off our cravings. A delicious berry and LEAN smoothie with a drizzle of healthy fat like flaxseed or olive oil can do the trick. These healthy substitutions can save the day...even Valentine's Day.

3-Way Calling: Simple, Easy Way to Explode Your Business"Few things can be as valuable in growing your business as a simple 3-way call," says Freddy Elias. Three-way calls can help you share the Xyngular products and opportunity without knowing everything.

Simply put a prospect on a call with someone who may have a similar background. Put a doctor with another doctor, a single mom with another single mom, etc. You will be amazed at how well these people will connect. After building that relationship of trust, the Xyngular's products and opportunity will naturally share themselves!

According to Xyngular Platinum Director Freddy Elias, 3-way calling accomplishes the following 4 things:

How to fix poor healthIn modern society, having major health issues has become the new normal. In the US, more than 20 million people now suffer from diabetes, 800,000 people have strokes, 1.64 million get cancer, 1.19 million suffer from heart attacks and there are 450,000 new cases of Alzheimer’s EACH YEAR. Each day in the US, $1 Billion is spent on healthcare related to obesity and the accompanying diseases and 4,000 people die from those same diseases.

Why am I telling you all of this? The point here is this...good health is in short supply in our modern society. When looking at the prevalence of disease, illness, and generally poor health, it makes sense to look for the cause so that we can combat the problem.

The Miracle of Personal Development People can change. We see it all the time. Selfish children become capable teens. Directionless teenagers become responsible, hard-working adults. Xyngular is all about change, including health, weight loss, a new attitude, a new part-time income. But we sometimes get stuck on a plateau and can't break free without personal development.

It has been said that people join a company like Xyngular because of the products or the income but they stay because of the personal development. Working on personal development is not optional at Xyngular, it is the essence of our company and the attitude we see in every leader. It permeates every event. It is one of the main subjects of nearly every talk, testimonial, or article.