CommunicationTwo minutes, just ten sentences of artfully crafted, succinct language went down in history as one of the most memorable speeches of all time. When Abraham Lincoln spoke following the battle at Gettysburg, he was tasked to follow Edward Everett who is considered one of the greatest orators in American history. Edward Everett was tasked with giving the keynote speech and he delivered, speaking masterfully for over two hours. Upon the completion of his thirteen thousand word masterpiece, Lincoln preceded to steal the show with a mere two minute speech.

What made the difference? Why is it that we remember and still read Lincoln’s two minute speech and not Everett’s two hour masterpiece? The answer is simple: Lincoln kept it simple and had one clear take away that was tailored to the audience. While many of us will never deliver a speech of the magnitude of the Gettysburg Address, the principles utilized by Lincoln apply to every interaction in which we must deliver a high impact, memorable presentation.

Having momentum was the key to my success. So, how does that translate to your Xyngular business?

Let the Good Times Roll! Momentum happens when you repeatedly complete a  certain  list of  actions  for  a consistent  stretch of time. That  action starts to build results in   a residual form. Meaning, an action you performed a month ago affects the outcome of your results today. Momentum is determined by persistent action over a long period of time.

You  can  create momentum by developing habits that  you simply follow on a daily basis. “Going for No” has become an action at Xyngular that is changing businesses! As Distributors, you have started to step out of your comfort zones and create momentum. Much like the stump, as you start to create momentum, you build on that initial wave of success by continuing to apply your initial actions, as well as bumping those actions up in intensity. The key is to stay in action mode for as long  as you can. As you do, you will see sustained growth in your Xyngular business.

Xyngular Europe The Biggest ExpandI recently had the opportunity to travel to Europe to visit our European Headquarters. All I can say is WOW! Europe is an amazing place with huge diversity, beautiful architecture, wonderful people, delicious food, and incredible opportunity. I was able to visit our Xyngular office, our Xyngular warehouse, and met with the great corporate people (see photo) that are supporting and building Xyngular in Europe.

During my visit, I was so impressed with the quality of people that are pioneering the Xyngular efforts in Europe. There is a saying that says “Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection”. I also felt that Xyngular provides a “universal connection”. People around the world are passionate about using Xyngular as a vehicle for changing lives. Xyngular is poised and ready to help you grow in Europe.

Being a Walking Xyngular TestimonialAs a Xyngular Distributor, you get to talk about health and wellness for a living, including on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and at every face-to-face social event you attend. You might even pick up the phone and say to someone, “I just learned the most amazing thing. Did you know …”

Getting people healthy through Xyngular is not just about selling products, it is about opening interesting social conversations about health and letting lots of people overhear your conversations and decide to join in.

Though our Xyngular customers get to experience the great benefits of our wonderful products and lifestyle changes, we as Distributors have a distinct advantage: we get to talk about health and wellness all the time with everyone we meet. We get to seek optimal health for ourselves, and we get paid to do it.

We get to tell the amazing stories we hear every week on conference calls and online. We also get to show off all the amazing people we meet at Xyngular events.

Xyngular President - Mark Walker68 Xyngular-ites just disembarked from the Royal Caribbean ship "Freedom of the Seas" and concluded our 4th 50K Getaway cruise. Several attendees had never been on a cruise and were super excited that their first experience was 100% paid for by Xyngular.

As we listened to the attendees tell stories of how Xyngular has changed their lives and allowed them to dream again, it once again brought home to me how much we have to give to others. All of us, by sharing Xyngular, can improve people's health. We can help them look better, feel better, be healthier, and be happier. We can also help people improve their lifestyle. While we were at sea, Kellie Harris, Shana Hightower, and Ashley Richards all told us they had retired from their jobs within the past month to do Xyngular full time! That is amazing news! In just a few short years, they were able to do what millions of people wished they could do and CHOOSE how to spend their days.