July 3 - 7 earn double Rapid Rewards for every new first level sponsor

Xyngular Members:

Get ready for July to really heat up, because we're doing a special Rapid Rewards promotion for 5 days only!

From July 3-7, ALL Members are eligible to earn double Rapid Rewards! For each new first-line Member you enroll, you will earn double Rapid Rewards! The best part is this is in addition to the Manager Madness promotion that runs throughout July!

Earn $100 for each new Manager in July!

Xyngular is about helping others succeed and live the Xyngular lifestyle. This means both new prospects and your existing downline. That is why we are excited to announce July's "Manager Madness" Promotion! It's simple, we will give you $100 for each new personally sponsored Manager you break during the month of July!

Promo Overview

Break a new Manager in July, and you as the Sponsor will earn $100! Break 5 new Managers, earn $500. There's no limit to the amount you can earn!! In the spirit of Xyngular, you can use the $100 you earn to reward your new Manager! Best of luck, and let’s start July strong!

Xyngular President - Mark WalkerWhile we were at Xyngfling, I was able to talk to many people who have changed their life with Xyngular.

Many people told me how they were feeling better than they had in years, had more energy, had lost weight, and had overcome health challenges. Others told me how they had taken their family on vacation, bought a new car, paid off their house, or built a new house and paid for it all with their Xyngular income. Still others told me of quitting their job, having more time with their kids, or just loving life now that they can afford the life they want, all due to Xyngular’s amazing ability to improve people’s lives with our compensation plan.

Earn an additional $100 for every 4 Members signed up in first 7 days!

Xyngular Members:

We're excited to announce our Quick Start Bonus starting today and going through the end of June!

This promotion is for anyone who signs up between today and the end of June. If a new Member signs up 4 new Members in their first 7 days, they will receive an extra $100 on their Quick Start Bonus...which means double Quick Start! This will help new Members kickstart their Xyngular business and earn double the cash while getting off to a sizzling start! Be sure to let your new Members know, and let's finish June strong!

I will think quality not calories

Let's face it, if we are stuck counting calories or measuring portions of specific foods during our 90-Day Challenge, we are far less likely to keep that up after the 90 days are over. It is time to change how we think about foods.

We need to recognize first and foremost that not all calories are created equal. A 300-calorie candy bar or soda is not the same as a healthy 300-calorie turkey wrap. Your body chemistry works completely differently when you have each of these foods. The sugary candy bar or soda will trigger insulin overload and be sent straight to your fat cells.