Xyngular President - Mark WalkerAs we prepare for Xyngfest this month in Las Vegas, I can’t wait to see everyone. I’m thrilled both to see all of you that I know and to see our new Members who have had their lives changed with Xyngular’s products and are now setting out to take full advantage of our Compensation Plan.

We just finished back-to-back Sundance Headquarter trips and it was hugely inspiring to hear the personal experiences from the attendees who are growing their businesses and seeing huge changes in their lives from this amazing company. We heard some amazing health stories but also heard personal stories of people realizing the financial benefits of Xyngular. I love this night of Sundance when I can have my belief increased as I hear these stories and feel and see the great excitement from the people in the room.

"Member Madness" Weeklong PromotionFrom July 19-26, ending on the 26th at 12pm Mountain Time (11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern), every Member who signs up a New Start with an inception order of at least 240PV will have their name put in a bowl. At Xyngfest, we will have that bowl of names onstage and choose 3 Members to win prizes. We can not give away what the prizes are, but trust us...they will be great!

Full Promotion Rules & Eligibility

  • Promotion runs from July 19-26 and ends at 12pm MST July 26.
  • Must be your personally enrolled Members to qualify.
  • Promotion is open to all Xyngular Members.
  • If winners are not at Xyngfest, we will mail the prize.
  • Only Inception Orders at 240PV and above will qualify.

An Empire Built From the GroundA few years ago I had the privilege of visiting the Tikal, one of the most fascinating wonders of the world. In the middle of the Tikal jungle I was surrounded by luscious, picturesque vegetation all masking one of the most precious architectural gems built by man, the Mayan Pyramids. Contemplating on the astonishing, intricate designs of the resilient structures, one would wonder how such breathtaking pyramids built by the Maya nearly 3,000 years ago could be done with such limited resources. I came to the conclusion that amazing teamwork, hardworking ingenious lifestyle, and unshakable persistence were the keys to creating an empire.

How does applying the characteristics found in the Maya civilization of teamwork, hardworking and ingenious lifestyle, and persistence help our Xyngular business?

Xyngular President's Club UpdateWe are making a slight modification to the way Members qualify for President’s Club. We think this will allow President’s Club to be even more effective in helping people build their business!

  1. Members can still qualify (as most have been) by accumulating a minimum total inception volume of 2,000 (orders of 120PV+) per month in two months of a calendar quarter.
  2. We are eliminating the “Sponsor 10” option,” since nearly everybody has been qualifying based on the above 2,000 inception volume qualification. And we are now introducing a new way to qualify. Effective 3rd quarter 2014 (beginning this month), you can qualify by accumulating a minimum total inception volume of 1,000 PV (orders of 120PV+) & helping at least one new enrollee receive a quick start bonus in the same calendar month. (So a new start would have to sign up and get their Quick Start Bonus in the same calendar month to qualify.) Repeat this process in two months in a calendar quarter. 
  3. The new qualification helps drive behavior that helps our existing Members as well as their new enrollees.

We believe this will help you build even more effectively, and we can't wait to see you on the red carpet at Xyngfest!

Register to host a transformation party between July 7-12. Summer is in full swing and we think it’s the perfect time to have a party! We have a challenge we want to throw out to you and all of our Members. We want to see how many transformation parties can be hosted from Monday, July 7 through Saturday, July 12.

It’s simple. Decide you would like to host a party, get invitations out and get the party started!

Transformation parties have the power to transform your business. And you don’t need 20 people to have a party. Get the word out, grab a few people, follow a few of the suggestions below and you’re all set!

Register your event by clicking here. Be sure to provide all the requested info and we will post your transformation party online!