Welcome to 2015! If you are like me you can hardly believe it is 20-anything, let alone 15 years into the new millennium. It's truly amazing to think that Xyngular is now 5 years old.

In the last 5 years we have had amazing people join our company, helped tens of thousands improve their health and finances, visited some amazing places in the world, and had a ton of fun. What a great 5 years it has been! Best of all, even though 2015 will be a defining year, we are barely beginning this Xyngular journey.

During the first part of January we will be spending some time in Cancun, Mexico with those who qualified for President's Club all four quarters in 2014. While there, we will be unveiling some really exciting new things that will be happening in 2015. Right now, I'll give you a preview of one of the things that we will be sharing at the event: K.I.S.S.

December 6-21 Earn an Additional 25% Rapid RewardsThis December we are celebrating Xyngular's 5 year anniversary. That's right, 5 years of changing lives through the Xyngular way of health, wealth, and life! You are the reason that so many people are now living the Xyngular lifestyle and we want to reward you for continuing to build your business.

ALL qualified Members are eligible to earn an additional 25% on Rapid Rewards! For each new first-line Member you enroll, you'll earn 25% more Rapid Rewards! There is no cap so you can qualify multiple times. The best part is that you'll receive your payout on December 24th, just in time to finish up your holiday shopping!

We are excited to announce that our "Manager Madness" Promotion will continue in September, but with a few exciting changes! It it simple, we will give all new Managers $100 when they break rank during the month of September!

Promo Overview

Become a new Manager in September and you will earn $100! Best of luck, and let’s start September strong!

Full Promotion Rules

  • Applies to ALL new Managers.
  • If you are not currently titled Manager or above, you are eligible to receive the bonus, even if you have been titled Manager, or above, in the past!
  • Qualifying period is September 1-30.
  • Payout will be added in early October.

From August 20 - 24, ALL Members are eligible to earn an additional 50% on Rapid Rewards! For each new first-line Member you enroll, you'll earn 50% more Rapid Rewards! The best part is this is in addition to the Manager Madness promotion that runs throughout August!

Promo Overview

It's simple: For each new front-line Members you enroll, you'll earn and additional 50% on your Rapid Rewards! There is no cap so you can qualify multiple times!

We can't wait to hear all your success stories, thanks for making this summer great!

Register to host a transformation party between August 11-17. Summer is in full swing and we think it’s the perfect time to have a party! We have a challenge we want to throw out to you and all of our Members. We want to see how many transformation parties can be hosted from Monday, August 7 through Saturday, August 12.

It’s simple. Decide you would like to host a party, get invitations out and get the party started!

Transformation parties have the power to transform your business. And you don’t need 20 people to have a party. Get the word out, grab a few people, follow a few of the suggestions below and you’re all set!

Register your event by clicking here. Be sure to provide all the requested info and we will post your transformation party online!