Xyngular is preparing something new and special. Nobody knows what it really is, but it will be definitely something huge to Power Your Life Naturally. Look for it November 2013!

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We had a weeklong promotion at the end of September to earn FREE Xyngular branded Beats headphones, and as usual, Xyngular Distributors came through in a big way! Congratulations to those who earned their free pair!

Glenna Evans (5) Mary Bradbury (3) Jill Yacobucci (2)
Julian Gutierrez Roman (2) Shan Wattnem Amber Johnson
Mike and Theresa Dennison Douglas Reardon Kerrie Jacobs
Shannon Blair Kim Reed Michael and Jessica Martin
Odalis Pena Laurie Ulrich Jayna Dyer
Kimberly Plaine LaShana Hightower  

Throughout August, any Distributor that accumulates at least 1,500 points* of personally sponsored inception volume will earn a FREE Xyngular banner to proudly display at meetings, trade shows, in-home events or elsewhere! If you get 3,000 points, you know the drill, 2 FREE banners, and so on!

April was another incredible, record-breaking month here at Xyngular! “Xyngular is continuing to grow, and it’s getting faster each month.” said Xyngular President Marc Walker. “Our leadership is just incredible and it’s exciting to see so many new people developing and growing.” Some of April’s highlights included: