I will question my past habitsWhat have we done in the past when the snacks are passed around? Did we take one or half the bag? We may need to pass the whole bag in the future.

Everyone has their most challenging snack food temptations that are most likely to trigger binges. It's much easier to say no to even one of our trigger foods than it is to stop a binge when it's in full throttle.

Some foods may need to be banished from the house because they're so dangerous to our personal health. There may be no way we can enjoy certain foods in moderation. It's easier to identify them and keep them out of the house.

Exercises for smoothing that tummyTummies and hips. For men it’s mostly tummies we’re wanting to flatten and turn into washboard abs. For women it’s often hips with tummies a close second. We’d all like to smooth out those tummy bulges, however.

Here are some tips for exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and help get rid of that fold-over, “muffin-top” and return to that smooth, sleek abdominal look we all crave.

Get off of the sugar roller coaster. Avoid the extreme consuming too much sugarNow, we are at the start of 2014. We survived the crazy family parties and the gluttony of food. We felt a tad bit guilty while we gorged ourselves on treats and made promises that we would do better after the holidays. We told ourselves that we were doing pretty good in life, especially after spending time with the crazy relatives in our families. Everyone has a crazy uncle. But as we looked internally and planned for an awesome 2014, we realized that we have to start doing better by reducing our sugar intake. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. So here are the three main steps to help reduce sugar intake:

  1. Use Xyngular’s products & systems
  2. Grant yourself a daily sugar quota (to be covered in part 3)
  3. Make subtle food changes in your daily consumption (to be covered in part 4)

 Xyngular's Core Values: How we do business and treat others

You are rewarded for hard work... What a privilege to be able share our wonderful products and be paid according to the effort we put into it. We're not paid for someone else doing things for us. Very few jobs or careers in this world are as fair and rewarding as this opportunity.

Noteworthy dedication and enthusiasm... All of us need to be rewarded and celebrated for being dedicated and enthusiastic about what we're sharing...for doing something noteworthy. Just think how the Xyngular opportunity increases our self esteem as we come out of our comfort zone and start sharing how Xyngular has changed our lives. Celebrating each other's achievements changes everything.

I will stock my home for heath What is in our pantry and fridge will ultimately decide how healthy we are. We can stock and organize our kitchen to create either health or sickness. Let's open the cupboards and fridge, see what we have, and then do this...

  • Toss out anything with trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or sugar as one of the top ingredients. Check salad dressings, spreads, peanut butter, and condiments for HFCS and added unhealthy fats. Replace them with better, more natural choices.