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Healthy Nutrition – A key to healthy, active and successful life

Healthy Nutrition – A Key To Healthy, Active And Successful Life

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50K Getaway Was Our Biggest Reward Trip to Date!

50K Getaway Was Our Biggest Reward Trip to Date! We had another incredible 50K Getaway, visiting Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel, and more! It was the biggest reward trip we have had yet!

To see more Distributor photos from the 50K Getaway, head to Facebook.com/xyngularcorp. Here is what a few attendees had to say about their experience at sea:

Tami Castronovo
"The 50K Cruise was so much fun! It was the best time ever enjoying the sunshine and sights with our Xyngular family on yet another fun trip with this awesome company! As return cruisers we got to enjoy seeing the new 50K qualifiers reap the rewards of all the hard work that got them here! The energy stayed high while everyone made new connections with other Distributors tightening the strong bond that just seems to grow with each trip and conference. A lot of prospecting was going on too! I can't wait to get home and follow up on the new leads we got on board the ship and in ports!"

Deanna White and Danielle Ripley
"We were absolutely blown away by this amazing company from the time we stepped off the plane until we exited the ship. They make every detail perfect and it is evident how much they value and appreciate their distributors. Looking forward to many more amazing opportunities with our X family in the future and ready to help many team members set sail on the 50k getaway next year!"

Kara, Lakin, and Lane Cunningham
"It was so wonderful being able to take my kids and share this experience with them. I loved that we had many firsts we never before dreamed of swimming with dolphins, sting rays and sea turtles and more. This trip created memories for them they will never forget and taught them how working hard for your goals can allow you to make things you never dreamed come true!!

Stan Townsend
"This trip to the Caribbean will go down as one of my favorite and most memorable trips ever. Every trip I go on and every meeting I attend allows me to be more of who I really am. Thank you Xyngular and all the Xyngular family. Together, we are ONE."

Melissa Carlson
50K Getaway Was Our Biggest Reward Trip to Date!"What an amazing week with incredible leaders in our company! 8 days of inspiration, love, laughter, pampering, adventures, relaxation, and creating memories that will last a lifetime! I'm so grateful for the founders and corporate team that's made all of this possible. One of the biggest blessings from this trip is the impact it had on our 15 year old son. He sat in on our meeting where stories were shared and Marc, Jeff and Dan spoke. He got to know everyone throughout the week, and does not want to miss another event! He told us that he's bummed that we already have our plane tickets for Dallas and won't be taking him."

Stephanie Wood
"As if earning a fully paid trip to the Caribbean with my husband wasn't enough of a reward! Xyngular is so generous and I feel beyond blessed and appreciated. I can't wait to bring my whole team here and I'm 150% committed to making this dream come true for them. The highlight of my trip was wedding ring shopping with Marc and Julie! The culture of this company is rock solid and I believe that is a true reflection of Marc and Julie Walker, Jeff and Kelly Wilson, Dan, Dave and Vikki and their commitment to their own family's and our Xyngular family. "

Cynthia Evans
"This was the fourth cruise for Rudy and I. We go back every year because it is such an amazing experience to be able to enjoy that week and all of the fabulous excursions with the team! This year, my sister, Suzanne Johnson, earned her trip! It was so awesome to be able to be there to share it with Suzanne and George! We continue to be blown away at the generosity of this company!"

LaShana Hightower
"Oh my goodness! What an absolutely incredible FIRST cruise for me!!! I conquered so many fears....zip lined in Haiti, swam with STINGRAYS and actually held one, snorkeled, and climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica! I'm so blessed that I was able to share this adventure with my 13-year-old son! I loved being in the presence of such an amazing group of business partners that share my passion for changing lives!"

Lindsey Cuppetilli
"The 50K Getaway was an incredible week spent with amazing leaders that I am proud to call my family. We were pampered, spoiled and every detail was taken care of for us! Fears were conquered on exotic excursions and memories were made together that I will always cherish! We are blessed to live the Xyngular lifestyle and this is just the beginning, THANK YOU XYNGULAR!"

Teri Bryant
"After the trip on our way to Orlando Hyatt, I thanked our incredible president Marc Walker for the cruise and asked, does it get any better than this? He replied "Bora Bora... Need I say more?" So I really want to strategize with our team to get everyone on these passport trips to enjoy life together. Awesome experiences, awesome people and awesome company! Another gratitude is getting to take our 21-year-old daughter Jaclyn on this trip with us too! Thank you Xyngular, we love you so much! "

Suzanne Johnson
"What an amazing trip with 66 of our friends and family! We were able to swim and snorkel in beautiful green waters right next to sea turtles and sting rays. I am so glad I chose to help others get healthy and be aligned with a company that rewards us for those efforts." -Suzanne Johnson

Maureen Smith
"I cannot put into words how amazing this trip was! From all the swag, free product, the excursions, the beautiful ship, to all the food and fun in the sun but most importantly, all the time we got to spend together and the friendships that were formed. What an incredible group of people! We are so blessed with this company and the opportunity that comes with it. Thank you Xyngular!" -Maureen Smith

Chavalla Lopez-Bassham
"Incredible! It was so awesome to spend time with my Xyngular family. A true blessing to my life. I thank the Lord daily for bringing this awesome company to me and my family! New friends, new family and a new appreciation for helping others. Looking forward to a brighter future. Just love Marc and Julie Walker " -Chavalla Lopez-Bassham

Ashley Richard
"This was the trip of a lifetime! So many amazing new friendships and lifelong memories were made with our Xyngular family. I am honored to be a part of such a generous and caring company that is truly changing lives! Thank you for helping to make this a dream come true, Xyngular!" -Ashley Richard

Kellie Harris
"We had such a wonderful time! It was so special to spend time with so many amazing people. I am not sure that I can even begin to pick my favorite part of the trip. This was my first time on a cruise and I can tell you that I was definitely spoiled! Everything this company does is first class. I had been to the Cayman Islands before and I can remember thinking that I better soak it all in because I know that I will probably never be able to get back there again. When I was standing in the water with the Sting Rays again it felt very special. This company is allowing me to do things that I could never even imagine. My advice to all of you is to do everything you can to make these all expense paid trips, you will be missing out on something very special if you don't! Thanks to Marc Walker and his wife Julie for being incredible hosts, and I could never forget Vikki and Sheri for being the best event coordinators ever! Thank you Xyngular!" -Kellie Harris

Cathy and Shan Wattnem
"We earned this fabulous trip in only 10 months! Anyone can do it! Traveling the world with people who share your passion to help others is the best! We are still catching ourselves swaying to the gentle rocking of the ship. Feelings and memories, oh what memories! We held and fed Stingrays in the open ocean in Grand Cayman. We got sun-drenched at the beaches of Labadee, Haiti, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. We danced to the Latin sounds of Bolero, flew down the world's longest Zipline over water...snorkeling, shopping, authentic dining, warm air and sea, sunsets -- it was surreal. We were treated like royalty, served like VIPs, every detail - even sunscreen, aloe, towels, and snorkel/flipper sets - were hand-delivered. Three cheers for the team at Corporate who took care of us! Everyone needs to put this trip on their Vision Board! We love our One Team -- it's "full team ahead" for all of us on the SS Xyngular!"-Cathy and Shan Wattnem

To see how you can qualify for your 50K Getaway for FREE, check out Xyngular’s Passport Program!
50K Getaway Was Our Biggest Reward Trip to Date!

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