Residual Earnings: Build it Once, Get Paid Over and Over

You are paid on product purchased anywhere in your eight levels month after month Xyngular Residual Earnings: Build it Once, Get Paid Over and Over Again

A long-time network marketer was once asked, “How much money did you make in your first month of network marketing?” His reply, “ I have no idea! It has been 12 years and I am STILL getting paid on work I did in my first month.” That is the power of Residual Earnings. It is the true wealth-building component of any good compensation plan, and our Residual Earnings component is phenomenal, allowing you to be paid very well month after month on every purchase in your organization through 8 levels! As you expand your organization both deep and wide this can add up to huge long-term residual wealth.

Our plan has Dynamic Compression which means that whenever a purchase is made, the Residual Earnings program searches that Distributor’s up-line to pay out 8 levels of commissions on that purchase to Active and Qualified Distributors up line. If someone up-line was not Active or Qualified (i.e. they have not purchased product or have not met the Group Volume requirements to qualify to be paid on the purchase) the plan shifts that payout further up-line to the next person who qualified to be paid. The plan continues searching up-line until all 8 levels are paid out making it possible for an active distributor to get paid commissions on purchases far deeper than 8 levels below them. That is the beauty of Dynamic Compression.

Dynamic Compression: if an XD (Xyngular Distributor or Premier Customer) does not purchase any product within a 2 month period, that level will compress. The Distributor will also be moved to the bottom of the Xyngular line. After 3 months of no personal volume the Distributorship will be removed from the Distributor organization.

Benefit of Compression in Xyngular’s Compensation Plan

An additional strength of our Residual Earnings plan is that when you become a Manager you get a 20% increase in Commissions for every 120 PV purchased in your organization on levels 3 through 6. Getting paid on your first Sales Pool and getting additional income from your organization is awesome!

To be Active and Qualified and ensure you capture all possible commissions, you must order 120 PV in Xyngular product every month and meet very easy GV requirements associated with each level. And with a recent enhancement in the Comp Plan, you can now use a full 7 levels of volume to meet the GV requirements for each level.

The fun part is, our system searches DAILY for purchases made in your organization and pays you DAILY as well. If you have hundreds or maybe thousands of Distributors in your organization making their product purchases each month, you are very likely to be paid on multiple purchases on a daily basis. That is when people really enjoy the thrill of logging in to their back office for a look-see, and smile as they open their mailbox each day. Xyngular has designed its residual income scale to ensure our Distributors are making the most money possible, and each time we hear success stories from you, we know it is working!

Residual Earnings kick in on the second month and beyond on any down-line purchases in your organization. So how do you get paid on first-time purchases? That, my friends, is where Rapid Rewards comes in.