Xyngular Quick Start Bonus: Your Quickest Way To Cash

Earn an additional $100 for simply enrolling in Xyngular, ordering 120PV or more and getting 4 others to do the same

Xyngular Quick Start Bonus: Your Quickest Way To CashRemember your first time trying XYNG, CORE4 or Super Fruit Global Blend? Remember the excitement you felt when you saw Xyngular’s incredible Compensation plan and realized this was the opportunity you would been waiting for? Those feelings are what Xyngular Distributors are helping others feel every day! Once they try XYNG, they know it really is “Fuel 4 Life!” Once they see and hear the incredible CORE4 testimonials, they know it works! And naturally, people want in on this incredible opportunity! So what’s next?

That is where Xyngular’s Quick Start bonus come in! When new Distributors start with Xyngular, they will be sharing the opportunity with everyone they meet, and many of those people will want to jump on board. The good news for them? MORE CASH! With the Quick Start bonus, they simply have to enroll at a minimum of 120 PV and get 4 others to do the same in their first 30 days. When they accomplish that, they will get an extra $100 bonus on top of other commissions and earnings!

The Quick Start Bonus is one more reason to get the Xyngular fire and RUN with it! Getting $100 for sharing something you love? Now that’s good news!

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers. The earning figures will depend upon an individual’s efforts, the area in which they live and the time they dedicate to their independent Distributors.