Xyngular Wave of MLM and Wellness is Coming to EU

The greatest wave of MLM and Wellness in history is coming to Europe. Catch this opportunity and create the fortune.

Greatest Wave of MLM Network and Wellness is Coming to EUWe would like to introduce MLM Company Xyngular to you that, after 4 year successful business on North American market, is going to enter and turn its interests to European market. This market with over 500 mil. inhabitants has great potential.

Xyngular began its business activities in December 2009 and right after the launch it was clear that it would become another strong player in the area of MLM and wellness industry.

The founder and president of the company is Marc Walker. Before the company establishment he worked as a vice-president in Xango Company, which he helped to increase the sales by more than 500% in the course of 4 years. At the same time he introduced the company to 25 new markets, defined Xyngular and his vision in two simple but important and key principles of the company:

  • What is in the best longterm interest of the distributor
  • What is in the best longterm interest of the company


To date the company shows a monthly turnover in the volume of more than $3 mil. After 4 years of business and fantastic feedback from customers and distributors, together with continuous diversifying into new products, it may state with 1000% certainty that all the steps have really been taken correctly.

Now comes another part of the Xyngular path

To bring the products and opportunity of financial freedom to the whole of European Union. It does not matter if you come from Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland or other country. The Xyngular opportunity is equal for everybody. Of course, there is nothing free and we will not promise you never-never land, yachts, cars for nothing, as many other companies tend to do.

The MLM branch has its rules that have been working for more than 70 years. If they are done over a long period and right they bring people new dimensions in the quality of their lives, be it physical or financial.

Why Xyngular, of all things?

There are a few things that make Xyngular absolutely different to other companies, which are more or less successful on the market:

  • Products that work (weight-loss, energy, wellness, healthy life style)
  • 30 days 100% money back guarantee for distributors/customers without stating the reason*
  • Goods delivery within 4 work days to your door and totally free
  • Absolutely reliable and unique compensation plan in the industry
  • No structural conditions (no weaker or stronger leg, no percentage compensation)
  • Participation on distribution of 12% worldwide turnover among the distributors
  • An opportunity to get $9,000 bonus in the first three months*
  • An opportunity to get extra bonuses ranging from $100,000 up to $1,000,000*
  • Commissions paid out to your account daily!*
  • Fantastic travel program (Sun Dace resort, Caribbean cruise, Dubai, Bora Bora and others)
  • Great customer service
  • An empty market in the whole of EU!

These are the basic pillars of Xyngular, which is about to concentrate all of its support and energy into building European market.

It doesn’t really matter what country you come from, because you are offered a unique and free opportunity to make a decision. That is a rarity these days. More and more we are accompanied by the orders, bans and restrictions to our development. We are under greater financial pressure, how to pay the bills (rent, food, energies, tuition). Network marketing offers what is fading away from our lives - free will and decision to change the present system.

Perhaps, Xyngular is what will help you bring the quality of your life to another level. Maybe it is not for you, because you do not long for a change. And that is important! You can make a decision freely and on your own. Therefore, there is this opportunity for everybody with or without MLM experience to make the right step for better future.


* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers. The earning figures will depend upon an individual’s efforts, the area in which they live and the time they dedicate to their independent Distributors.