How to Start With Xyngular Today

The simplest way how to get paid is to join and share Xyngular with others

Start your Xyngular business today

If you are ready to achieve your financial dreams without barriers, now is the right time to join Xyngular as a partner. Simply pick out the start package and maximize your opportunity. You can start earning right away in many ways. You will see for yourself how this little investment (with 100% money-back guarantee) into your business will bring immediate effect and new opportunities for unlimited income.

How to sign up as a Xyngular partner / customer and start your career

  • Click on Register as Xyngular Distributor in the upper right corner and pick the country from the list for which you wish to sign up. Products you order will also be shipped to this country.
  • If you want to order products as an end customer, click on RETAIL CUSTOMER and if you want to sign up as a distributor, choose MEMBER (DISTRIBUTOR).
  • Choose products you wish to order and click to the BUY NOW button. If you want to add another product to the cart or their quantity, on the next page click on CONTINUE SHOPPING. When finished, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
  • Enter the address, on which the products will be shipped. Phone number is an important figure for courier.
  • Then follows the order summary, where you can check what products you order and delivery address. Enter you Email Address, where access information to your Xyngular account will be delivered. Then you will just pay with your debit card and you are in the system.
  • Immediately after signing up, you can start registering your associates and build your new business. The products will be delivered to you within few working days after registration.

What are the differences between prices / order options?

In order to buy Xyngular Products, you have 3 options. Just decide which option is suitable for you.

  • Order as retail customer - (2rd option)
    Retail Customers are those who wish to purchase Xyngular products at the full retail price. There are no membership feeds and no monthly autoship for retail customers. If you are just interested in trying out Xyngular products, this option would probably be best for you.
  • Order as member / distributor - (1st option)
    Distributors are interested in purchasing Xyngular products and are also interested in its Global Business Opportunities. They pay an annual membership fee and agree to a monthly autoship at a discounted price. If you know you will be using Xyngular products every month and are interested in increasing your monthly income, this option is for you.

Note: Autoship can be edited or canceled anytime. After order you get access to your back office where you can fully manage it.

Welcome to Xyngular family.